Endhiran - The Robot : Movie Review


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Adrenaline Trip

Here’s a film that deifies all that’s larger than life and banishes everything that’s subtle in cinematic idiom. Helming this sci-fi extravaganza is the singular phenomenon manifest in human flesh and blood - the one and only, Rajinikanth. When the mega star is in his elements and doing what he does best, flaunting his unique style and mouthing killer one-liners, even the daftest of antics calls for a deep-bellied wolf whistle.

Endhiran the Robot is a film that celebrates Rajini mania. If one Rajinikanth wasn’t enough, here we have two, pitted opposite each other.

One is Dr. Vasi, a scientist who creates a robot in his own likeness. The android, named Chitti (Rajinikanth again) can do incredible things like memorizing reams of information by mere cursory browsing, can cook, talk, walk and even strike an animated conversation with mosquitoes. Only human emotions were absent. They too are implanted into the robot by the ingenious scientist - a mistake, because the robot falls in love with the scientist’s girlfriend Sana (Aishwarya Rai). When the love isn’t reciprocated, the robot unleashes terror and destruction on an inhuman scale, turning into a Frankenstein’s monster that Dr. Vasi must tame if he wants to save his ladylove and stop wanton destruction.

Made at a budget of around Rs 160 crore, the movie is a VFX fest of a scale and grandeur hitherto unseen in Indian cinema. With the use of the animatronics technology (done by Stan Winston Studio) director Shankar brings his innovative imagination to life on the screen. The last half hour of the film particularly pushes the envelope and creates a spectacle of jaw dropping grandeur, packing in all the paisa vasool entertainment that any ardent Rajini fan asks for. Even if you don’t swear by the mega star’s demi-god status, you’ll still be sitting on the edge of your seat.

Endhiran the Robot is the Rajini show all the way. Aishwarya Rai is reduced to an eye candy, but she does leave an impression. It’s Rajinikanth who adds power and potency to the film. His stunts are choreographed by the Hong Kong-based stunts director Yuen Woo Ping whose résumé includes films like Matrix and Kill Bill. So you have Rajinikanth hopping from building to building, doing gravity defying leaps and lateral runs on a train, shooting a fatal bullet out of - guess what? - the mere tip of his index finger. And when the renegade robot turns into a monster and gobbles up helicopters and pummels down cars, it’s all done with the aim of shocking the viewer.

Hail Rajinikanth for living up to the mammoth expectations of his fans. At the age of 60, he still pulls off the role with ease and élan that’s unique to him.

A R Rahman’s music is disappointing and there are a certain portions in the film in the second half that seem stretched. But overall, Endhiran The Robot gives you the adrenaline trip you’ve been itching for since long.

Rating: 3.5 stars out of 5