Rajinikanth’s Robot - Endhiran set to break BO records


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Rajinikanth’s 'Robot-Endhiran' set to break box office records

Rajini mania at an all time high

Robot - Endhiran box office update. Have you ever seen cine fans queuing up at 3am in the morning to catch the first day-first show of any superstar’s film? Have you ever seen the posters and billboards of any superstar being bathed with milk and then an aarti performed. Such is the Rajinikanth mania that’s gripped the mega star’s fans in Chennai.

Guess what? His latest film Endhiran The Robot was screened at 4 am on Friday morning at Rakki Cinemas. And that show ran to a packed house. The demand for the tickets has been so huge that multiplexes and single screen theatres across Chennai have added early morning shows to their schedules.

The tickets for the whole week have been sold out in advance at many theatres and even in Mumbai several shows are going house full. On top of all this Rajini hysteria, the rave reviews given by critics and the positive word of mouth will ensure more footfalls in the coming weeks and probably months.

According to trade analysts, the film is set to break all box office records by any Indian film. It is learnt to have been made at a whopping budget of Rs. 160 crores. Trade pundits believe that it will easily recover that cost and even make huge profits.

The fans who saw the film on Friday say it is the ‘best Rajinikanth film ever’. We learn that the fans were on their feet in the theatres during last half hour of the film. There were non-stop screams, claps, shouts and whistles as what is being described as the ‘mother of all climaxes’ unspooled on the screen.

South India has clearly been hit by a storm called Rajinikanth.