Comedian Russell Peters slams Bollywood


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Canadian-Indian comedian Russell Peters has hit out at the Bollywood film industry, saying he "hates" the movies and slamming them as "garbage" - despite admitting he's never actually watched a B-wood flick and the fact that he's currently filming Akshay Kumar's Speedy Singhs!

"The movies are all garbage, just terrible," said the funnyman, last week. "It's my opinion, obviously there are billions who like and love them." Adding, "I don't like all the singing, dancing and all the dramatic crying. I have never seen a Bollywood film in my life. I have refused doing [one] earlier and will do so in future. But I hope some filmmakers take a chance to make real movies."

And it's not just the movies that were on the receiving end of Russ's acid tongue, as he also dubbed the actors and actresses "just pretty faces". Adding, "I don't think Indian actors are good."