‘Road, Movie’ is experimental and subtle: Abhay Deol

People will appreciate it for the kind of difference it is going to make, says Abhay

'Road, Movie' has generated quite a buzz in international film circuits and actor Abhay Deol hopes that the Dev Benegal directed film will fetch a similar response in India.
"'Road, Movie' is very subtle in its humour and drama. However, the fact is that subtlety is not something that people lap up rather quickly," said Deol, adding that the film comes with a niche appeal.
The 33-year-old is quite pleased with the response that 'Road, Movie' is fetching internationally.
"We have been to some really major festivals and foreign audience are going gaga over it. There have been awesome reactions all over which has pretty much established Dev's vision of making 'Road, Movie' as a film which has a universal appeal," said the actor.
The film was premiered at Toronto films Festival to a thunderous response. During its screening at Berlin Film Festival all three shows were sold out but closer home, Deol is awaiting the response to the movie, which he believes is more experimental than his earlier films.
"'Road, Movie' is more experimental whereas 'Dev D' was actually quite stylish in treatment rather than being experimental. In fact 'Dev D' relied a lot on visuals while 'Oye Lucky Lucky Oye' had music to elevate its commercial viability. Moreover, since it was a Delhi based film, there was a lot more identification factor involved," he said.
However, while refraining from commenting much on the commercial aspects of 'Road, Movie', Deol said, "People will appreciate it for the kind of difference it is going to make to cinema. In fact if they don't catch it now then may be 10-15 years down the line, it would be considered as landmark movie. I am quite positive about that", said the actor.
Meanwhile, Deol continues to live the philosophy that he has adapted ever since he started working in Bollywood films. "I have maintained that I like to be different with each film of mine. I want to work in films that are non-Bollywood in appeal. Of course, in my attempt to do so, I don't think I can please everyone. But then I am also sure that I won't disappoint anyone either," he said.
Also starring Satish Kaushik, Tannishtha Chatterjee, Mohammed Faisal Usmani, Virendra Saxena and Yashpal Sharma in principal roles, 'Road, Movie' is produced by Ross Katz & Susan B Landau and is releasing in India on March 5.