BMW unveils Technik GmbH


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BMW unveils Technik GmbH secret concepts that could be…

To mark the 25th anniversary celebrations of its Technik GmbH, founded in 1985 to develop BMW concepts, GM has unveiled a series of secret concept cars. Technik GmbH unit was re-branded in 2003 as BMW Forschung und Technik GmbH with the focus shifted to developing technology that encompassed all types of BMW vehicles.
The major highlights of the celebrations are: 1-series based fuel cell hybrid, rear-engined BMW people’s car with a Mclaren style central seating position, a four-seat electric car, a Z1-style, V8-engined off-road buggy, an Ariel Atom style car and a lightweight coupe that pioneered the use of carbonfibre. Hit the jump to checkout images of concepts revealed with brief description.

Composite-bodied Z1 roadster was the first one from Technik division and 8000 of them were produced by BMW.
The Z1 ‘coupe’ remained a concept only but paved the way for chunky, off-road styling.
The Pure electric four seater, 1991 E1 concept had a 120 mile range.
This one is 1993 Z13 with rear-mounted engine with three-seat cabin and a central driving position.
BMW 95 Z18 concept was equivalent to an Enduro motorcycle was based on the 5-series iX.
This awesome and ultra lightweight (800kg) BMW Just 4/2 concept was to enter the production but lost closely to Z3.
As per BMW, 1999 Z22 by Technikfrom is one of the most sophisticated technology platforms the unit ever developed.
With the space of a 5-series in the length of a 3-series, BMW Z22 used carbon-fibre reinforced plastics - something that company is considering to use in its megacity car.
BMW 2001 Z29 with unique carbon-fibre monocoque and M3 drivetrain was last one in its Z concept series.
This is BMWs drive-by-wire concept.
BMW Project ‘Drivestick’ was entirely controlled by a single joystick.