BMW C1-E electric concept


ImmorTaL KhalsA
BMW shows its C1-E electric concept ‘study’

It was speculated that BMW might create an electric version of the unsuccessful BMW C1 scooter, and the brand has unveiled an electric concept version of the C1. The original C1 offered enhanced protection to the rider, and even included seat belts, but never really got to selling much. Now that electric is the buzz word, the C1-E could be quite a promising concept for BMW, or at least for the direction its future scooters may take.

The C1-E is focused on safety as well, with a roll-over bar, energy absorbing impact elements, and a seat belt. A lithium-ion battery powers the scooter’s electric motor for a zero emission ride. BMW says there is currently no plan to put the C1-E into series production.