Blood brothers: Hollywood's hottest night-stalkers


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It proved a surprise hit back in 1985, so Tinseltown has decided that vampire movie, Fright Night, needs a remake, with Irish bit of rough, Colin Farrell cast as the charismatic vamp, Jerry Dandrige.

“He’s someone who lacks fear,” says Colin of his character. “There is no human emotion.”

And with vamps still the hottest thing in Hollywood, we take a look at the some of the baddest suckers around…

Jerry Dandrige
Played by: Colin Farrell in Fright Night
Bite size: Colin takes on the role made famous by Chris Sarandon in the 1985 original version of the movie.
Bloodthirst: “I got the chance to play a brutal vampire, somebody who wasn’t concerned with anything, with love… had no fear, no human virtues that would be recognisable at all,” says Colin of his killer character
Vamp-ability: Jerry can walk in sunlight, and is also good looking and charismatic enough to entice his human prey quite easily. He can also turn into a bat.

Vampire: Stefan Salvatore
Played by: Paul Wesley in The Vampire Diaries
Bite size: “Stefan is fully aware of hurting others and harm, and so for him he’s, like, always unhappy,” says gorgeous Paul of the tortured Stefan. “It’s almost like someone who’s dependent on some sort of drug and then being in rehab, and you’re never the same.”
Bloodthirst: Stefan shies away from drinking human blood, but soon realises if he is to protect his human girlfriend, Elena, that he must drink a little of hers each day to become string enough to battle the other bloodsuckers.
Vamp-ability: Thanks to a spellbound ring, Stefan isn’t fazed by daylight, and boasts super-speed and strength.

Vampire: Damon Salvatore
Played by: Ian Somerhalder in The Vampire Diaries
Bite size: The more evil of the Salvatore brothers (although, anyone who’s seen the season two finale, knows that things bit be changing in Mystic Falls when it comes to goodies and baddies!), Damon is consumed by winning his brother’s girlfriend Elena – and killing anyone who gets in his way.
Bloodthirst: “He’s consumed in being a vampire and power and he really believes that feeding on humans... is just as simple and natural as breathing,” says Ian’s co-star Paul of Damon’s character. “He doesn’t understand. There’s no guilt, which is fascinating.”
Vamp-ability: Stronger than his brother Stefan, thanks to his bloodsucking ways, Damon has super-powerful hearing along with his lightning-fast speed and reflexes.

Vampire: Bill Compton
Played by: Stephen Moyer in True Blood
Bite size: Keeping his blood-lust under control, when Bill falls for Southern waitress Sookie, pretty soon he’s feeding on her neck pretty regularly – with her consent of course! But when it comes to defending Sookie, Bill will kill anyone, even almost killing himself in sunlight, to save her.
Bloodthirst: “Yes, he’s a vampire and, yes, he could tear your throat out, but he’s old-fashioned and romantic,” says Stephen of his character. “The sexual tension between Bill and Sookie is something that’s very romantic and courtly. Apart from the biting, their relationship is one of great love.”
Vamp-ability: Bill has the strength and speed we’ve come to expect from the undead, but he can’t walk in the sun and has to succumb to the commands of his area vampire Sheriff – Eric Northman. Plus, his blood acts as a ‘designer drug’ for humans.

Vampire: Eric Northman
Played by: Alexander Skarsgard in True Blood
Bite size: The local boss of all the vampires in his corner of Louisiana, Eric’s all about sampling the darker side of vampire life, by hooking up with ‘fang-bangers’, running his own vamp club and pretty much lusting after Sookie every opportunity he gets.
Bloodthirst: Known for biting and discarding humans at will, Eric discovers his softer side when he falls for Sookie, spilling, “He can be quite loyal, and somewhere deep inside there are actually feelings. He’s also very focused and very determined, especially when he gets the chance to avenge someone he lost many centuries ago.”
Vamp-ability: The ruthless Eric is stronger than Bill, with what Alexander calls “an animalistic quality” concerning his stealth attacks. “You don’t show your teeth, you don’t say anything, you don’t show it,” he says of his approach. “Anything could happen.”

Vampire: Edward Cullen
Played by: Robert Pattinson in The Twilight Saga
Bite size: Madly in love with Bella Swan, Edward is torn between wanting her and trying to keep her at arms length lest he vamps out and accidentally drains her of blood. After finally winning his girl, Edward’s relationship angers the ruling vampires, the Volturi, and Bella is set on the road straight to Bloodsucker-ville!
Bloodthirst: Edward and the Cullen family are famously ‘vegetarian’ – surviving on animal, not human blood. “If we were fighting for a piece of meat, I would win,” says Colin Farrell, of a Jerry Vs Edward battle. “If we were fighting for the love of a woman, I’m afraid Cullen would have me.”
Vamp-ability: The gorgeous Cullen can read all minds apart from Bella’s, and is super-fast and strong, as well as being a pretty good piano player.