BitTorrent Announced Release of Paid µTorrent Client


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The most well-known company in the field of peer-to-peer applications, BitTorrent Inc., announced a few days ago the launch of µTorrent Plus, a premium edition of one of the most popular file-sharing applications worldwide – µTorrent. µTorrent Plus was promised to be released within 2011, with some changes.

After the announcement, the fears have already emerged that the free version will now be neglected by the company. However, BitTorrent Inc. released an additional statement to assure their numerous users that the company will still engage the “same level of commitment and development” into their favourite free client as they’ve done so far. Indeed, the current free µTorrent application of is at version 3.0, and just a few weeks ago, the BitTorrent introduced over 20 new features for it.

Meanwhile, BitTorrent Inc. didn’t disclose any additional information about the new client, like pricing and terms. The company posted a statement on its blog, saying that while they were not yet ready to make all the details public, they still could say from the very beginning that an upgraded version of µTorrent was particularly designed for Internet users looking for a single solution to search for, obtain and play material wherever they want, on whatever device they want. In other words, the time came now to realize that hassles with codec and conversion issues, as well as struggles with device shifting and other annoying problems should become a thing of the past.

The application developers admitted that they consider the paid version more as diversifying revenue source. Taking into account that some of the new features of the client will involve the company to pay licensing fees, it can’t be thought of as a pure profit business for BitTorrent Inc. However, given its scale, the company would be able to negotiate good terms and pass on to its users a great value.

BitTorrent Inc. promised more info to come. Meanwhile, the company offered everyone who would like to stay up-to-date on the latest news and take part in invite-only betas (in other words, everyone willing to reserve their spot to get the fresh µTorrent Plus first and with a discount) to sign up on their website. A paid version of the client was confirmed by some company representatives to be launched as soon as this fall.

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