Bhangra star Garry Sandhu to quit music industry


Bhangra star Garry Sandhu to quit music industry

Popular Punjabi singer Garry Sandhu has announced his intention to quite the music industry after having delivered some of bhangra’s biggest hits. In an emotional status update on his Facebook page, Garry expressed his desire to quit professional singing and return to a normal life, much to the surprise of his 106,000 fans.​
Garry, one of Punjabi music’s fastest growing stars, boasts an impressive climb to fame in 2010 that earned him double honours at the 2011 Brit Asian Music Awards. Garry won both categories that he was nominated in – Best Newcomer, and Best Male Act.​
The popular singer has been mired in controversy, having been deported from Britain last year following allegations of settling in the country illegally. Soon after, he released the hit song Brick with beat maker GV. The song featured on number 58 in the UK mainstream charts.​
One fan on Facebook, expressing shock, said: “YOU CANT STOP SINGIN NOW! NOT AFTER EVERYTHING!!!”​
Another heartbroken fan wrote: “Plz dont Quit…. we all luv your songs…♥
On his Facebook status, Garry asks his fans to believe in themselves and chase their dreams. He reminds them that you only live once and to take full advantage of the life they have.​
Garry still has a few projects lined up that include a duet with H Dhami, in association with the internationally famous DJ Dips. Garry is also signed on for two songs on Dipps Bhamrah’s upcoming album.​
Garry Sandhu claims a new single alongside Sudesh Kumari will be his final song.

Below is that fb update!!
auj tak koi punjabi singer quit karda dekhiya shayad hi kisey ne dekhiya hona .... bus ik hor ganna auna with sudesh kumari os to baad garry sandhu finish back to normal again gurmukh singh no more singin ... menu pata loads people gonna say garry dont do this we need more songs from u but im sorry mitro ... mitro eh singer songer di life dekhan nu badi sohni lagdi kuch ni rakhiya ehna kumma ch . pado likho koi chajdi nokri te lago jithey tuhanu koi izzat naal bulavey . .... ah fake id waleya da vi hun manda lag janna lol ... kai saley garry sandhu baney a fake ida waliyan lai ik gal ... sher apna shikar app kar ke khanda j tuhanu kudiyan phasaun da innah shaunk aaa gym jao sehat bano garry sandhu de nnaa te ni kudiya ne tuhadey naal ni gal karni sach. sach hi hunda jhooth jhooth hi hunda .. before i go i wanna tell u alll i got no facebook id just only this fan page. lai 22 mitro rabb rakha ..... najarey lutto jo dil karda ohi karo j cheeka maran nu dil karda cheeka maro . j hasan nu dil karda haso j ron nu dil karda rowo najarey lutto zindgi only once has khed k katto .pata ni kado pataka pai jaaana




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mene toh garry sandhu ke song download karne ke liye search ki thi .. saw this post so thought pooch loon kiya quit ya aiwen hi hawa kari janda :haha

kisi ke paas gaane hai toh daal do :fu dhanyawaad
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