Amar Sandhu & Epic Bhangra - Lover's Island (Review)

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Hey Unpians , This is my first music review on Unp.

Lover's Island is a Punjabi Track , Vocals of Amar Sandhu, And Music by Epic Bhangra.This track is released on iTunes as well as on Other major platforms on Valentine's Day i.e. 14 February, 2018

For me , this track is on repeat.As most of people in Punjab doesn't know about Amar Sandhu. Amar Sandhu has unique voice which is flawless.In this track , his vocals are quite very impressive. Lyrics of track are also good but not so great.

In terms of music , music is so great as it could be for this track probably. Music of this track is given by Epic Bhangra, which is known for his great tracks like Morni , Dil Laigee , Aaja Dovein Nachiye etc.
Music is poppy , not bhangra music type.

Track is so good in terms of vocals & music, and if you're an audiophille and punjabi music listener , then you will definitely love this track.

But nothing is perfect in this world.
According to me , duration of track is quite low abd lyrics is also not so great but above average.

So this is my review for Lover's Island track , i hope you like it.
You can get this track from ITunes, Amazon Music, Google Play Music & Stream it on Apple music , spotify, Tidal etc.