Best Leg pulling Thread Competition


Prime VIP

Hi friends :wa

assi decide kita ke ik LEG pulling Thread competition karana ethe :hahaha

Rules -

1) Plz dont go Personal :p
2) No 18+ content :mno

Any member breaking rules will be disqualified without any notice:sp

Firstly we would like to have first 5 members , so whom are intersted can reply within ths Thread As


as soon as we get 5 participants we will start the competition :cno

winner will be decided by poll :yes if any ties last decision will be of unp team
Winner will get a surprise gift From UNP :sp

Name of Participants

1) @*Princess
2) @{ ƤΩƝƘΩĴ }
3) @Dhillon
4) @Miss Alone
5) @parvkaur
6) @*kinnu*
PS - No offtopic
Sample threads -Click here :link
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