UNP Wallpaper Contest! [Category- Nature]

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As promiced, so we are gonna start with wallpaper contest. To start with let me tell u in brief whats its all about.

Type : Wallpaper Contest
Category : Nature
Maximum Participants : 10 (First Come First Serve)
Size: 800*600, 1024*768 .. or more than that
Starting : 14/June/2008
Closing : 17/June/2008 (or when we get 10 participants, whichever earlier)
Voting Starts: 18/June/2008
Voting Closes: 24/June/2008


1. We are following first come basis system. Those who left can participate in next wallpaper contest.
2. Voting for only those members would be accepted who have more than 100 posts.
3. Wallpapers must not contain any listings of other site (specially forums) .. we dont want any advertising. Any wallpaper found doing the same would be disqualified.
4. A member must have atleast 50 posts to participate.
5. No nudity of any sort would be tolerated.
6. 1 wallpaper per participant.
7. Decision would be made only and only on the basis of votes.

At last i would request all members to parcipate in the contest and voting too.

I wish u all a very best of luck and a fair game too.

Best Wishes,

P.S- All particpants should post thier wallpapers here thereby ensuring their participation. As soon as we get 10 participants the thread would be closed and voting would start.

Re: UNP Wallpaper Contest! [Catogary- Nature]

do we just post our wallpapers here? here is mine http://www.resiststorage.org/images/1280_Beachcomber4.jpg

Beachcomber Island is a small island of Fiji.

Picture Details

858 KB
Picture of Beachcomber Island, Fiji


Re: UNP Wallpaper Contest! [Catogary- Nature]

Yee u can paste it here..... Thanks for the submission.. u are part of the competition.



Re: UNP Wallpaper Contest! [Catogary- Nature]

So participants so far:

1. Harmanyankee
2. Taran.rbk
3. Bibamunda
4. Bling Singh
5. Aneelmaan
6. Piyush (13 posts away to participate)

So just 4 to go..... :)


Re: UNP Wallpaper Contest! [Catogary- Nature]

well i hav a suggestion...
j koi real contest karwana aa ta participant nu aap photo click karni chahidi aa...
inj ta net to copy kar k koi v jit sakda...
no hard feelings...its just a suggestion... :wub all


Dhillon Sa'aB™
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Re: UNP Wallpaper Contest! [Catogary- Nature]

Post in the wallpapers section and paste the link here !


MaaPeya Da LaaDLa
Re: UNP Wallpaper Contest! [Catogary- Nature]

mera vi likh hi lo naale kehdra first auna :haha
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