UNP's 1st Official DJ Battle

After the previous DJ Battles' controversy, the UNP Team and mods have decided to re-do the DJ Battle, but this time, with stricter rules. Technically, this is gonna be the 1st official DJ Battle. Ok, here's the lowdown right here!

Thread Name: UNP's 1st DJ Battle
Date: June 27th, 2008
Time: 6:00 pm PTZ
Location: Singles and Promos

1. ALL remixes must be original remixes
2. ALL remixes must be uploaded by the creator of the remix
3. Only 1 remix is allowed per DJ/user
4. All remixes must be submitted through www.usaupload.net
5. All remixes must be submitted before June 26th 12am PTZ
6. All remixes submitted must not contain ANY harsh/foul/offending language
7. Copyright material is NOT ALLOWED!

Due to the controversy on the previous DJ Battle, the UNP Team has made rules even more stricter. If a remix is discovered to be official/copyright, that remix will be disqualified and will get the remixer/user a infraction.

This time, voting will only be allowed to those users that have 250 posts or more. Voting will last 1 week and then, the winner of the DJ Battle will be announced.

1. Create an original remix of a song of your choice
2. Upload the song on this website: www.usaupload.net
3. Private message me by using this link UNP
4. Use the following format in your private message:

DJ Chucky
Das Ja Melene (Bass Remix)
(www.usaupload.net link goes here)

If you previously participated in the DJ Battle, you will required to submit a new remix. Old remixes will NOT be included.

*A poll will attached and the winner of the poll will be declared the winner of the DJ Battle. The prize has already been decided by UNP user, Sehaj. It has not yet, however, been revealed what exactly the prize is. I hope you all are looking forward to UNP's 1st official DJ Battle.