Antique Ring of Tipu Sultan Sold In Auction

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A ring having a place with eighteenth Century Indian ruler Tipu Sultan has been sold at a bartering in London in the middle of feedback from antique groups. The jeweled brilliant ring was sold for £145,000 by Christie's sale house. It was a ring of Tipu Sultan, a Muslim ruler, and is outstanding on the grounds that it was recorded with the name of a Hindu God.

Tipu Sultan is best known for battling against British control in India. It has been said that this ring was being taken by the British general when Tipu Sultan died.The 41.2g ring was sold to a secret bidder for just about 10 times its evaluated cost at the sale in focal London, as indicated by Christie's site. It is recorded with the name of the Hindu God Smash in raised Devanagri script. Some say this shows that the ruler was more thoughtful to Hindus than at one time thought. The ring was purportedly taken from the dead Tipu Sultan at the end of the 1799 Srirangappattinam fight he battled against the British people.