Indians pioneered missiles, Tipu Sultan used similar weapon


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Coimbatore, June 28

Indians are pioneers in missile technology, since Mysore ruler Tipu Sultan used a weapon resembling these missiles, when he fought against the British rule, said Sivathanupillai, a leading scientist.

The small launchers, packed with explosives, moved forward using a similar technology that is being used now, he added. Since this technology was in its inception stage and the materials available were not sophisticated, the missiles could only hit the target at a distance of 1 to 2 kilometers, he added. He also explained the underlying principles behind BrahMos, Agni and the Nag and the small rockets developed by Tipu Sultan.

Attending a session titled “Scientific Tamil” at the World Classical Tamil Conference that concluded yesterday, the scientist said a few warriors in the northern districts of Tamil Nadu manufactured these missiles. Tipu’s arms godowns were located at Dharmapuri and Arcot. It was at these places that the missiles were manufactured. The British rulers, who defeated Tippu Sultan, finally raided these godowns and were amazed at the new technology. The rockets were taken to England and were on display at London Museum, Sivathanupillai said.

‘Indian civilization first on earth’

Sivathanupillai also called for research on the Indian Ocean below Tamil Nadu. He said that it would reveal that the Indian civilization was the first on earth and Indians the first human beings on the planet. The scientist said a large continent called Lemur existed in the Indian Ocean.

This name was given to the human beings while they were evolving from the apes. He said the continent was 50 times larger than present Tamil Nadu. He quoted verses from ancient Tamil literature that a great landmass, ruled by Kaisinavazhudhi, a Tamil king, got immersed in the sea due to a natural disaster.