Alleged sex video of Katrina hits the net



If you visit a porn site and come across a sex video featuring Katrina Kaif, then don't be shocked. The lady in the video is a look-a-like of the Bollywood beauty Katrina Kaif. The lady in the video can clearly be distinguished to be a duplicate of Kat.
Surprisingly, this video has become one of the most-watched video clips, in spite of the fact that its a look-a-like of the actress. The title of the clip carries Katrina's name making it to be ' Katrina Kaif sex scandal.'

Earlier it was Isabela Katrina's sister who was trapped in a sex tape controversy and now it is the Bollywood bee Katrina. In fact, it's a way to make money by using the name and the face of the biggest selling celebrity in Bollywood, that's what these porn sites have done. Despite, the confirmation of the fact that the women in the porn clip is a duplicate of Katrina, the tape is still under 'authenticity examination.'

This is not the first time that a sex scandal has struck Bollywood, before this it had affected Mallika Sherawat, who also faced a similar controversy and now its miss Kaif. Poor her! We truly sympathies with her.


Sex tape is fake says Katrina Kaif


A few months after her sister Isabel was embroiled in a sex tape Katrina Kaif controversy, which was being circulated in her name but actually featured a look-a-like, is now the target of a similar online craze. Not surprisingly, Katrina has issued a denial.

Porn sites and forums have been going gaga over the clip, featuring a Katrina look-a-like. The clip has been tagged Katrina Kaif sex scandal in a bid to garner most hits. It has reached the download limit on a couple of portals.

Despite the fact that the girl is clearly not Kat, an online debate is on to discuss the authenticity of the clip.

"It's unfair!" says a source close to Katrina, "People circulate videos and stories in her name to generate interest, debate and publicity. Every fair-skinned girl doesn't have to be Katrina or her lookalike! She finds it unfair that she's mostly made the target for such bizarre speculations."

The actress said in a statement: "The video is disgusting and the girl clearly doesn't even look like me. There's no room for any speculation whatsoever. How can you even call her my lookalike? The girl's face is completely different! I think it's ridiculous to even talk about it."

At the time when a video tagged as one featuring her sister had surfaced, Katrina and her mother Suzanne Turquotte had categorically denied that the video had anything to do with Isabel. They also vowed to take legal action against anyone uploading or circulating the video under the young girl's name.

In 2005, there was a similar episode with Mallika Sherawat when an alleged video starring a 19-year-old girl was doing the rounds under her name. However, Mallika clearly dismissed her association with any such video.


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