Katrina Kaif talks about being single


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Katrina Kaif was named as the international brand ambassador of Etihad Airways, and at the press meet that followed she was repeatedly asked if she is single? Katrina eventually answered saying "I am single."

This comes just a few days after Salman Khan confirmed to a news channel that he had indeed broken up with Katrina Kaif.

“I am single. But beyond that I don't think I need to give too much of details,” said Katrina.

Katrina added that she’s always found it hard to take personal decisions, and all the media limelight makes it all the more difficult for her to take them.

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“Sometimes it's hard enough to take decisions, professional sometimes, but mostly personal and wherever the decision that you have to take, it's very difficult to take them. And if you have to make them in front of everybody, whether it's media, or the public or the world, I think that's a little bit more than what I can handle. That's why for six years, I have never commented who I am with, if I had a break up, if there is an argument,” Katrina said.

Katrina also refused to elaborate the cause of her break-up with Salman. All she said was that commitments change with situations.