When Katrina Kaif couldn’t attract the boys


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The lady who rules the roost in Bollywood and has been given the ‘sexiest woman’ tag used to be a frumpy teen. Hard to believe we know, but it’s true that Katrina Kaif used to be a Plain Jane in her teenage and hardly attracted the boys.

The actress who makes a special appearance on ‘Six Appeal’ to celebrate the sixth anniversary of zoOm revealed: “I think I grew up the exact opposite. I never got any attention when I was 15-16 years old, and was never popular with boys. I don't ever remember being desirable as a teenager.”

But today Katrina is easily one of the prettiest, cutest and sexiest actresses in tinsel town. What does she think of it?

“I really think sex-appeal is more about personality,” said Katrina.

The Kat special will be aired on September 23 on zoom.