Aerobic Workouts For Beginners


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How many times have you gone to a gym and returned bored with all those weight training? Perhaps many times. But then you are faced with the dilemma of how to be fit and trim without the sweating and grunting of a gym. And perhaps squeeze some fun out of all the exercise. Then aerobics is perhaps the best exercise, which is tailor made for you. The benefits of aerobics are many. It not only improves your flexibility, increases your muscular strength, revitalizes your cardiovascular health, but also increases the metabolism rate of your body. Aerobics is a very fun filled way to get toned because music is an integral part of this workout allowing you to get lost in the rhythm and pace. Not to mention the amount of dreadful calories that it helps you to burn. At a time when even people in their late twenties are suffering from heart disease, making it one of the top ranking lethal diseases, adopting aerobics in your daily routine makes good sense. Aerobics focuses on providing workouts to the heart and lungs, and so protects you against this dreaded disease. Another advantage is that aerobics can be done whenever you have time, and it does not require any equipment. Just walking, or jogging, or simply climbing up and down the stairs is good aerobics. Even slow and brisk dancing is considered as an important aerobic workout.

Beginners Aerobic Workout Tips

  • Before starting on the main aerobic workouts always do warm up stretches for 5 to 10 minutes so that the body is ready for the workout. Warm up exercises will increase your flexibility during the exercise.
  • The recommended aerobic workout regime is about 30 minutes for five days a week. Beginners can start by doing aerobic exercises for a shorter duration and then gradually increasing their time and pace.
  • Before starting on aerobics, consult a physician especially if you are recovering from an injury or are in poor shape. Start by doing aerobics for 5 to 10 minutes and then gradually increase day by day.
  • Beginners can start by simple aerobics like cycling, jogging, walking, or stair climbing. When the stamina increases, then move onto other aerobic exercises like rowing, swimming, dancing, and cross-country skiing.
  • If you are going to do the workout indoors then make sure that the room is comfortable. Do not keep the room too warm, as you are likely to sweat more. The atmosphere of the room should be mild.
  • If using a workout video then it is better to watch it before starting the exercise. This is because beginners can get an idea if the exercise can be performed successfully. This will prevent them from getting injured or straining the muscles.
  • Choose a beginner workout video and start from the basic steps. Do not bypass the first steps even if you consider them easy. Gradually you can move on to more advanced techniques.
  • If you have pulled a muscle or suffered any other injury then it is better to stop the workout and focus on the injury. Either apply an ice pack or a warm towel on the area. If the pain is severe then consult a physician. Under no condition should you workout when injured as it can aggravate the problem.
  • Play music while doing aerobic exercises. Music will keep you motivated and the rhythm will help you to maintain your pace. Aerobics is pretty much like dancing and so the rhythm of music is the best accompaniment.
  • As in any type of exercises, in aerobics too comfortable clothes are a must. Proper clothing are those that confer flexibility as well as comfort. Wear clothes that ‘breathe’, preferably those made of cotton. Wear easy fitting shoes.
  • After every exercise set, take a few minutes break to rest so as to cool down. This will also help the heart to return to the normal rate.