High Impact Aerobics


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God has given us life; let’s not take it for granted. For instance, if you had to purchase a laptop, wouldn’t you nurture it with an anti-virus, defragment it regularly and clean the insides as opposed to leaving it to accumulate dust and blindly allowing the motherboard to crash? Anyone in the right frame of mind would be doing the former. Along these lines, shouldn’t we look after our body alias the temple of god? Hence, apart from giving in to your relentless hunger pangs, remember to incorporate fitness training and exercise to keep your weight and health under control. It could be simple running or jumping or a couple push-ups. As long as you build up your stamina, you are on the right track. One reliable way to safeguard health and achieve body vigor is high impact aerobics! Never heard of that? If you didn’t, then you should thank your stars for stumbling upon this article. Raid the rest of this article to dig out some valuable information on high impact aerobics.

What Is High Impact Aerobics

Before we delve into the nucleus of high impact aerobics, let’s recapitulate on its derivation.

Music when coupled with exercise radiates a mountain of bliss. Incorporate fun into your exercise regimen and the routine will soon turn into the healthiest addictions you’ve ever been addicted to! If you’re good at connecting dots, the first term that would eventually come to your mind after reading this would irrefutably be aerobics. Aerobics enhance muscle coordination and pump up your body with strength. The structured movements that encompass the core of aerobics increase your heart rate and speed up the oxygen and blood flow in your system. Therefore, the second you choose to indulge in aerobics, you limit your chances of developing heart diseases and moreover, you provide a boost to your muscle power. There are two categories for aerobics: high impact and low impact aerobics. This article, as mentioned above, emphasizes on high impact aerobics.

High impact aerobics are usually associated with the exercise classes, wherein sweaty panting individuals hop about to peppy music beats, while being led by an instructor. However, they revolve around coordinated activities. Even biking and jogging can be classified under high impact aerobics. To gain the most from these exercises and to lose weight quickly, one should perform the stipulated exercise at least for 30 minutes for four to five times a week. High impact aerobics are simply the kind of exercises that almost instantly compel an exerciser to lift his or her feet off the ground. They are intensive and highly stimulating and entail utilization of the large muscle groups over a short span of time. When a person wholeheartedly executes a high impact aerobics exercise, he or she burns several hundred calories in just around one hour!

High Impact Aerobics Vs Low Impact Aerobics

Although, there is a palpable difference between these two types of aerobics, note that they co-exist. If you intend on staying fit and tending to the overall wellbeing of your cardiovascular system, you ought to perform the low impact aerobic exercises alongside the high impact aerobics. But how exactly do they differ?

When you perform low impact aerobic exercise, one foot always stays on the floor to prop up the weight of your body and in the case of high impact aerobics, both of your feet are off the floor. Hence, there is a higher risk factor for high-impact aerobics, since the stress exerted on the feet and joints as you land will inevitably be more. Low impact aerobics is recommended for those trying to recover from an injury and also for beginners. High impact, hence, requires you to have developed a fair amount of strength and muscle endurance over a period of time so as to bear the weight of your body. Traditional forms of high impact exercise are running, biking and even skipping! Moreover, high impact exercises help in strengthening the bones, joints and muscles. As we pursue aerobics, we will soon learn that greater results can be acquired from the intense activities rolled out by high impact aerobic instructors.

Relieve all stress and devote a good amount of time to high impact aerobics to guarantee yourself a life devoid of any avoidable health problems.