Types Of Exercises


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Regular exercises and perfect diet is the fitness mantra of health conscious people. Many people go to the extent of working out hard in the gym, to attain the perfect body shape. While the health conscious people are well aware of the exercises best suitable for specific health requirements, many others are not aware, as to what types of workout can be done by them. In fact, most of them would go blank, if asked what the different types of exercises are. This is probably because in the present time, innumerable exercises have been formulated, which focus on different parts of the body, to provide physical fitness. In this article, we will tell you about the basic types of exercises.

Different Types Of Exercises

Flexibility Exercises:

Flexibility exercises are performed to increase the range of motion of muscles as well as joints. Such exercises (warm-ups) are categorized into the workouts that improve the flexibility of a person. Flexibility exercises reduce the risk of injury, while also help the body release tension. They can be done both on land and in water (including swimming pool). If they are done for about 15 minutes on a daily basis, such exercises would strengthen the body and prepare it to do difficult exercises. Tai chi and yoga are the best examples of flexibility exercises.

Aerobic Exercises:

Exercises that focus on increasing cardiovascular endurance are called aerobic exercises. These include bicycling, swimming, walking, dancing, rowing, running, hiking and similar exercises. Aerobic exercises are also referred to as endurance workouts. Such physical activities make use of the large muscles of the body. An aerobic workout is done in a rhythmic and continuous manner. These exercises concentrate on increasing the efficiency of the body and also enable a smooth functioning of heart, lungs, blood vessels and muscles. Aerobic exercises are beneficial for reducing stress, depression, anxiety and help a great deal in controlling weight, improving sleep, and making the bones stronger.

Anaerobic Exercises:

Anaerobic exercises are performed to build muscles, increase their size and strengthen their endurance. Such exercises are usually performed at health clubs and gyms, because most of them require the use of sophisticated equipments. Weight lifting is the best example of an anaerobic workout. Sit-ups, pull-ups, push-ups and squats are also categorized into anaerobic workouts. Anaerobic exercises are performed for lesser duration then aerobic ones, but with more repetitions. Such exercises would be the best bet for people who are aiming to lose weight, gain weight or build muscles.

Common Benefits Of Exercises:

Apart from improving the physical fitness, all the exercises, be it flexibility, anaerobic or aerobic, aim to enhance the mental health of a person as well. The workouts help maintain a healthy weight, apart from building and sustaining a healthy bone mass. The mobility of joints is enhanced, so is the muscle strength. Many exercises have proved to increase the immune system of the body as well. They reduce stress, tension and problems related to anxiety, thereby improving the overall health of a person.