Aamir Khan’s wife takes charge


Prime VIP

The actor will rest!

After Aishwarya Rai, the flu has got a new victim in Bollywood. It was certainly the wrong time for Aamir Khan to fall sick as his film Peepli [Live] is up for release this Friday. With Aamir down, his wife Kiran Rao is now in charge of doing movie’s promotions and the needful.

It happened after Aamir reached India from his Australia ka daura. The actor’s throat is severely infected and he can hardly speak. Doctors have advised him some rest and told him to speak only when necessary. However, the actor was spotted at the special screening of Peepli [Live] in Mumbai. Unwillingly, he has had to cancel his various promotional activities as well as interviews.

Kiran, who is also the co-producer of the film, will now take care of things in his absence. She has experience in production as she has earlier worked in Lagaan and is even directing the film Dhobi Ghaat.

We wish Aamir a fast recovery.