Salman Khan scared of Aamir Khan


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Don’t touch me!

Salman Khan is in complete awe of his best Khan friend. After watching Aamir Khan’s film Peepli [Live] at a special screening recently the man didn’t allow Aamir to touch him. Sounds strange!

Yes, Sallu miyan is quite scared of Aamir’s touch as he fears that the Peepli [Live] producer can turn him to gold. “I didn’t let Aamir touch me after the film. Agar mujhe gold mein badal deta toh???” tweeted Salman. If you are thinking that’s a silly comment by Salman then it is not.

Rather this is a compliment, as Salman has started calling Aamir ‘Mr Midas Touch’ after seeing Peepli [Live].

“Mr Midas Touch has produced a picture. Midas Touch matlab ke Aamir Khan. Natha. Peepli has a mad-a#*touch,” Salman tweeted.

About praising Aamir, we understood. But what does ‘mad-a#* touch’ means, guys?