Aamir Khan bonds with James Bond


Prime VIP

Actor Roger Moore, who famously played British spy James Bond during the 70s, was pretty impressed by the first-cut of Aamir Khan’s home production Peepli Live which was unveiled by the actor in Berlin.

Khan and Moore met in the German capital over the weekend where the two were attending a fund raising event 'Burda Live 2010'.

Aamir showcased a five-minute cut of Peepli Live. The teaser sparked the interest of Roger Moore who asked Aamir to see the entire film.

Aamir told Moore that he would love to show him the film but was apologetic as he was not carrying a print. Aamir then promised Moore that he would send a print of Peepli Live to him as soon as possible or arrange a special screening for him.

Meanwhile, the two actors did bond over movies and talked particularly about Peepli Live.