20 Ways to lose weight fast

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Lose weight fast is the motive or goal for most of us. But how do you do it? Here are 20 ways to lose weight fast and in a healthy manner. Include these weight loss tips in your daily life to slim down quickly.

Fat burning foods:

Fat burning foods is one of the ways to lose weight fast. There are certain foods that increase your metabolism which in turn speeds up the weight loss process. Foods like beans, apples, walnuts, ginger, spices, oats, green tea and water are some of the foods to include in your daily diet to lose weight fast.

Exercises for weight loss:

Exercise also plays an important role in weight loss along with diet. Run, do Zumba, kickboxing, spinning, cycling, boot camp and body combat to lose weight fast.

Cardio exercises:

Cardio is the most common form of weight loss exercise. It is effective, increases your heart rate and metabolism, which are key elements for weight loss. Try circuit training, kettlebell, stair training, swimming, jumping ropes, tennis, jogging and CrossFit.

Weight training:

Weight training is a highly effective method to stay fit well into your middle to older years. As we age, our body's metabolic rate decreases. Through weight training, we build more muscle and evade slow metabolism since muscle burns calories more efficiently. Choose between weight training at the gym, or buying weights and following a home workout, but weight training is one of the best practices to manage your weight and boost your immunity.

Breakfast for weight loss:

Include a high protein and high fibre breakfast daily, so that you are satiated throughout the day and you feel energetic, without having extra meals.

Good sleep for weight loss:

Sleep sufficiently every day to lose weight fast. Improper sleeping habits can ruin your plan to lose weight as lack of sleep makes the body produce more ghrelin leading to sugar cravings and other fat-building foods. Besides improper sleeping patterns can also alter your hormone production, which can cause belly fat.

Pedometer for weight loss:

A pedometer is a unique device that counts the number of steps you take and helps to self-evaluate the distance you cover each day. It can be difficult to gauge the number of steps and distance that you are actually walking. Pedometers automatically count the number of steps you take and help you monitor your progress and complete your daily goal of 10,000 steps.

Walk for 45 minutes to lose weight:

It is important to walk for more than 30 minutes daily. Walking for 30 minutes prevents you from gaining weight, but walking for 45 minutes will help you lose weight.

Eat small meals:

Eat your meals at regular intervals- whether it is six small meals a day or three big ones; do no skip any. Skipping meals or eating irregularly can lead to many other health complications like bloating and acidity, apart from sabotaging your weight loss plans. Tip: Keep yourself hydrated, so that you do not go on a binge.

Eat veggies and fruits:

It is recommended that you eat five servings of fruits and veggies a day, but it depends on your age and gender: Women between the ages of 19-50 should eat 7-8 servings, while men should eat 8-10 servings. And for those above 50, men and women should consume seven servings of fruits and vegetables a day.

Avoid bad carbs:

Simple carbohydrates (aka Bad carbohydrates) are usually refined or processed to the extent that their natural nutrients as well as healthy fibre content are removed. They are calorie-rich food items, which are full of empty calories. If you consume a lot of bad carbohydrates you are likely to encounter health conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, strokes, obesity. Furthermore, they have no satiety value to them, thus making you feel hungry sooner than expected.

HIIT for weight loss:

HIIT sessions are only 20 minutes long if you minus the warming up and cooling down sessions. For best results, you should go for HIIT training every second to third day. This is because whenever you do reps, you perform them with greater intensity. But don't fool yourself by thinking that you can trim down in a day by performing this workout every day as this workout is known to burn energy from your muscle system, which calls for at least a day's time to rest and recover.

Avoid alcohol:

In your journey to burn fat and get fit, stay away from alcohol, because consuming even a glass of alcohol is approximately 90 calories and will make weight loss harder.

Increase protein intake:

Fill your plate with 3 ounces of lean meat, nuts, low-fat yoghurt, in every meal and snack. A protein rich diet will also help you to stay fuller for a longer period and help curb your food cravings.

Increase fibre:

Make sure to add at least 20 grams of fibre every day; add fibre in your diet through whole grains, fruits and vegetables. Adding fibre to your diet through these sources will help keep you fuller for a longer period, thereby helping you lose weight.

Omega-3 for weight loss:

There are two reasons why Omega-3 is beneficial for weight loss:

1) Omega-3 enhances the flow of blood to the muscles during exercise.
2) Omega-3 also ignites enzymes that are important to transfer fat to parts of the body that need energy.

Yoga for weight loss:

Power yoga has gained popularity around the world because it gives your whole body a workout, with flexibility, toning, strength building and functional movements and also elicits properties of what a good aerobics or cardio session can do. Power yoga is one of the most modern forms of yoga as it has been adapted by taking all the elements of yoga and uniting them with today's current fitness trends. The fast pace of power yoga is what makes it popular.

Herbs for weight loss:

Research has also shown that herbs and spices have the potential to boost metabolism, aid weight management and improve the overall quality of a diet. Try cinnamon, cardamom, acai berry, cumin and black pepper for weight loss.

Low fat dairy products

Low fat substitutes are available in the market. They contain almost same amount of nutrients as the full fat products contain. Only the fat percentage is reduced. Skimmed milk, low fat cheese, paneer and yogurt are available. These are good options for people on weight loss diets.

Weight loss culprits:

1) Midnight Munching
2) Portion Control
3) Gaining weight post your 30s is one of the most common contributing factors for weight gain.