Weight Loss For Men In 6 Easy Steps


Weight loss, is the talk of the town as everyone wants to look fit and fabulous. Unlike earlier, weight loss is no more craze among women alone, weight loss is important for men as well. Men tend to put on weight around their waist, which is a very difficult area to loose weight from. Weight loss for men is different from weight loss for women, because, women look forward to a lean figure and for men it is important that they have muscular bods with broad shoulders.

Here are some tips of weight loss for men -

1.Diet And Exercise –
Control your diet i.e eat as much required and not as much you like. Most of the time we tend to over eat our favourite cuisine. The extra which we eat, is the one which adds on to the extra fat. Men tends to put on weight on the lower side of the body thus your exercise should consist of walking, power yoga, crunches and cycling.

2.Evaluate Your Lifestyle – Men generally tend to lead an erotic lifestyle. Timing of food consumption has a great effect on the weight put on by men. Your metabolism works according to the time gap between your exercise and your food intake. Eating late in the night, starving yourself for a long time, eating too much at one go, has a very bad effect on the health and also adds on to the fat. Ideally one should eat within half an hour after workout. At this time, your metabolism rate is at it's peak and thus your body digests your food perfectly and also burns out the extra fat.

3.Plan Out Your Diet – Your diet should contain less fat and more nutrients. Eat less of chicken and avoid carbohydrate. Chicken too should be eaten in the form of sandwich, stew etc. Chocolates are your enemy, though fiber fruits should be included in your diet. Just by regulating your diet plan, you will be surprised to see your weight loss.

4.Walk – Walking for 15 mints after eating, does not allow fat to get accumulated. It triggers your metabolism and also prevents fat to accumulate. Waking also helps the food to get digested. Most of the time digestive disturbance can be a cause of weight gain.

5.Work On Your Alcohol Consumption – Alcohol does not nutritious values but it does have calories. Say no to beer, whiskey and rum. They are your enemies if you are looking forward to loose weight. Sparkling wine and Martinis can be consumed twice a day.

6.Reduce Stress – Stress leads to dis-functioning of the body, eating disorder, mental imbalance etc. This generally leads to drop in metabolism rate. Thus your calories are not burned out and you tend to accumulate fat. Depression is also a major source of stress.

Weight loss for men is important as it not only saves your body from suffering from excess fat but also help you look and feel fit. A beautiful bod simultaneously triggers a confidence which adds on to your personality.