2 women booked for ruckus outside Salman Khan’s building

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MUMBAI: Two women sparked a row outside actor Salman Khan's Bandra house on Thursday night and triggered a series of dramatic incidents for the next couple of hours before being taken to Bandra police station and booked around midnight.

The mother-daughter duo from Delhi tried to barge into the actor's residential building, got into a fight with the security guards, and tried to escape when the police arrived. A little way off, they almost rammed their car into a bike with a couple on it and then attacked the rider when he insisted on filing a case against them.

Police booked them for rash driving and assault and let them go after collecting their details. When they went to their rented Khar accommodation on Friday morning, they were missing. SC guidelines discourage arrest of women after sundown.

Trouble started around 9pm as Jasmit Sethi and Amrita, who claim to run a production house, landed up outside Khan's house at Bandra Bandstand and demanded to be allowed in.

They apparently wanted to sign up the actor for a song in a film in which Amrita would be launched. Amrita claimed they were angry because Khan's personal assistant Reshma Shetty was demanding Rs 10 lakh to fix a meeting.

Reshma laughed off the allegation. Salim Khan, the actor's father, also dismissed the claim. "The women had been harassing us for three days. She claims to be related to a Congress leader and wants to make her daughter a heroine. She came and parked her vehicle outside the gate, blocking it," said Salim Khan.

After an altercation with the guards, the police were called in. The women got into their car and tried to escape, their car brushing a policeman's bike. Then the driver almost hit another bike before the police stopped the car and took them to Bandra police station.

The biker, who was riding with his wife, also landed up, complaining against the rash driving. At this, the women started calling him names and attacked him. The police stopped them and booked them in two cases.

source : times of India