Zoa Morani: Acting was always in my head


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Zoa Morani, who is making her debut in Shah Rukh Khan's movie Always Kabhi Kabhi, says since she grew up seeing actors performing for her father she couldn't resist to choose acting as a profession.

"I was never really inspired by anyone. I always grew up watching dad's shows, watching all the actors performing on the Bollywood shows abroad and stuff. So I think it was always in my head as I grew up watching it," said Morani, daughter of Karim Morani, Cineyug Films promoter.

Morani is playing a firebrand character in Always Kabhi Kabhi. "It's about how small children evolve from childhood to adolescence," she said of the film.

Asked if Khan gave her any acting tips, she said, "He always says work hard and if you work hard and be true to yourself then God will take care of everything."