White city changing into Black city

-=Sukh Tiwana=-

White city changing into Black city ANANDPUR SAHIB:
As Jaipur is known as first pink city similarly Sri Anandpur Sahib is also famous as first white city. It was given this name by SAD-BJP government of Punjab in 1999 at the time of celebrations of 300years of Khalsa Panth.
The whole city was painted with white colour which is a symbol of peace. And it was a tribute to this divine land given by Punjab Government. This act of government was lauded by everyone. Actually in 1999, in Anandpur Sahib several projects were started by the SAD-BJP government to show this city on the world map.Undoubtedly, Aanadpur sahib is a place which is not bound to any introduction. Particularly Sikh history revolves round this place. Sikh Gurus, Sri Guru Tegbahadur ji and Sri Guru Gobind Singh ji spent most of their time at Anandpur sahib. Sri Guru Gohind Singh ji made Khalsa Panth at this holy land in since then this city is famous for its heritage and religious background. It was very good initiative of Punjab government that several projects were started in this city to make it world famous. And to enlarge the elegance of this city the government named it White city. In 1999 whole city was painted with white colour by the Nerolac company. But as SAD-BJP government has gone similarly white colour of city is changing in to black. And administration is not giving any attention towards it. There are many reasons for this changing colour of the city. But main reason is that in Anandpur Sahib near about half of dozen brick kilns are working on the outskirts of the city. The chimneys of these brick kilns throw big rings of smoke upwards, and this smoke is polluting the environment of the city. And this is the main reason that the White City is changing into Black. Anandpur sahib is a very small city and it has very pleasant environment. But extraordinary smoke from these brick kilns now changing the atmosphere of the city. When we talked to Er. Aizaz Ahemd (environment engineer) he told us that this smoke is not only changing the colour of the city but as well as it increases global warming. He told us many disastrous effects of the this smoke on human health and told that this is injurious for health. But if we talk about changing colour of city then administration is also responsible for it because government authorities do not prohibit those elements which are making the environment of this city unpleasant.So both society and administration have to be conscios if we want to maintain the beauty of this holy land and administration has to take some rigid steps against those people who are violating the norms. Then this divine land can again b called as the White City.


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