Watch 'We Are Famaily' for Kajol & Kareena


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Movie releases on September 3rd

Kareena Kapoor accomponied by Karan Johar is bolting across the country to promote 'We Are Family'. The film, a remake of the Hollywood blockbuster Stepmom sees Kareena play Arjun Rampal's girlfriend. Kajol plays the role of Arjun's ex-wife.

Kareena is aware that there are bound to be comparisons between her and Julia Roberts who played the role in the orignal film, saying "There are similarities between my character and Julia Roberts', but this is almost my 40th film and I have a distinct style of my own. I have portrayed the role the way, the director had visualized it".

In the meantime, Siddharth Malhotra the director of the move has said that though they have bought the official rights of Hollywood movie Stepmom, the film is not a remake but an adaptation.

Talking about the movie, Kareena says that the USP of the movie is its two leading ladies, saying "I have always admired Kajol as an actress. We have worked together earlier in Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham but we had very few scenes together. In this film, we share almost every frame"

We Are Family will be released on September 3rd.