Kareena Kapoor feels Julia Roberts’ vibes


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Kareena Kapoor has been chosen as India’s Most Beautiful Woman by People magazine, and we are all aware of that. She truly is beautiful. Now, the beauty queen feels she is strangely connected to Hollywood diva Julia Roberts, who is adjudged as the ‘Most Beautiful Woman In The World’.

Bebo is extremely delighted to be in the league of Julia Roberts.

Kareena said, “There`s a strange connect between us. It`s weird that I happened to be essaying Julia`s role at same time and we both feature as the most beautiful women together in a magazine. I have watched all of Julia`s films and it`s a big high to essay the same role that she did. I am inspired by her. I have always admired and tried to do the kind of woman-centric roles Julia essays like ‘Erin Brockovich’ and ‘Pretty Woman.’”

“I feel our personalities are also similar. She has a natural smile and the choices she makes, stand out. Juila is so happy and fulfilled that it shows. I am like that too,” Kareena said.

When asked as to who she thinks has the most beautiful face in the world, Kareena quipped, “My niece Samaira, sister Karisma and Juila Roberts.”

Talking about Julia, Kareena said that she admires the Hollywood actress for a lot many reasons,

“There is nothing contrived about Julia. She seems to have made peace with everything. It has everything to do with who she is. I want to be like her. I would have loved to meet her when she had come down last year to shoot in Pataudi but because I had work commitments, I couldn`t. I really feel bad about it.”