Two Men Used Their Turbans To Save Four Lives In Punjab

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In a heroic act, two Sikh youth saved four youths from drowning in a canal in Sangrur.

Four youths of Sarafa Bazaar Market had gone to a canal to immerse the Ganesha idol on Friday last when a gush of water made them lose their balance at Sular Ghaat near Sunam village.

Inderpal Singh (34), who was sitting on embankment of the canal, noticed that the youths were drowning. He took off his turban, hurled it towards the youths and pulled them out with its help, police and eyewitnesses said. Kamalpreet Singh (25) followed suit. “My immediate reaction was to jump into the canal and try to save them. But I cannot swim. So I removed my turban and used it to save the boys,” he said to NDTV.

The incident came to light after a video was circulated on the social media. One of the youth saved said Mr. Singh had first tried to pull them out with the help of a wire that was lying on theembankment of the canal but it broke. He then used his turban. The religious code of conduct doesn’t allow Sikhs to take off their turbans in public.

We applaud both the youth for putting aside their religion to save lives and for the quick thinking.


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Dekhi mein video fb te. Ik comment padh k hassa ayea.
Kudi khendi. Ganesh ji ne aap taan dubna c naal do hor le jane c :p
Ki sikhea mili bhagto???
Banda bhagwan nu chad k v apni jaan bachon nu dor da.

Dhan bhai mati dass ji dhan bhai sati dass ji
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