Thumbs up for Pamela Anderson’s Bigg Boss stint


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Pamela Anderson’s brief guest appearance on the Indian television show Bigg Boss 4 drew mixed reactions from the viewers.

She came, she won the hearts and by the time we began to enjoy her presence in the Bigg Boss house, Pamela had packed her bags and flew back to the US. Many were ecstatic over Pamela’s presence in the house, some were disappointed, and some just didn’t care.

In the last poll, ApunKaChoice had asked its readers to vote on Pamela’s entry to the house: whether it was a good thing to have a celeb like her, or if her entry in the house was a mere TRP gimmick.

1467 votes were cast, of which a majority of them - 50 percent - gave thumbs up to Pamela’s stay in the house. 20 percent readers thought it was a TRP gimmick aimed at grabbing more eyeballs. 30 percent people said they did not care either for Pamela or for Bigg Boss.

The voters in the poll seem to have got it right for Pamela’s presence in the house did raise the show’s TRPs to a record high. So a gimmick it may or may not have been, it certainly found approval from the viewers.