Pamela Anderson's Bigg Dhokha!


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t’s becoming clearer now as to why the insides of Pamela Anderson’s special room behind the jacuzzi in Bigg Boss house was never shown.

The buzz is that Pamela did not stay in the Bigg Boss house at all. Every evening she was shown retiring to her room where there were no cameras. No housemate was also allowed inside or near her room. And there seems to be a reason behind it.

It’s now come to light that Pamela used to exit from that ‘special room’ and then used to be escorted to a five-star hotel in Khandala where she would stay for the night and re-enter the Bigg Boss house again in the morning.

That also explains why she did not even get to say a final goodbye to the housemates.

Whatever! Bigg Boss got what it wanted - TRPs.