Thrustmaster T500 RS wheel and pedal set


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For all the gaming enthusiasts who wish to have excellent, powerful and real time experience of racing games in their living rooms the latest Thrustmaster T500 RS wheel and pedal set will prove to be an apt choice.

These latest real driving simulators will enable the users to enjoy their racing game with great power and precision. Metal is used in making of these accessories which include parts like gearshift levers, central spoke section of the wheels and others. The Thrustmaster T500 RS wheel weighs around 4.6 Kg and the weight of the entire pedal set will be somewhere around 7.3 Kg so as to give a realistic feeling to the users while gaming.

The wheels of Thrustmaster T500 RS is capable of providing rotation of 1080 degrees and moreover it also facilitates 3 full turns that features motorized stop. So now the gamers can easily make a choice between the degree of rotation as per the type of the car and the racing circuit. So if you wish to have exceptional racing experience then just get your hands on Thrustmaster T500 RS wheel and pedal set.
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