HP Swing – Motion Sensor Gaming Console Price Rs.29,990


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HP Swing is the Motion Sensor Gaming Console introduced by the company which will provide treat to all the game enthusiasts in the country. Swing is considered to be the first motion sensor controller for a PC and it will offer highly immersive and communicative experience. This latest console is like Wii and provides real life action gaming experience with various games like basketball, pool, tennis, bowling and others.

Now onwards all the Pavilion desktop PCs from HP will act as console playground. The built in CUDA technology will provide enhanced Visual gaming affair to the users. Its dedicated graphic card will allow you to enjoy true to life visuals on the advance HP monitors. In order to further enhance your excitement level, 7 interesting games are packed along with wireless controller in it.

HP Swing is based on the body movements of the player so as to excite and thrill the users with its realistic visual gaming experience. At present the console comes along with HPs Pavilion Desktop PC with an approximate price tag of Rs.29,990.