Recipe The traditional mutton stew


The traditional mutton stew


1 kg of mutton
half kg of onion
finely chopped garlic 6-8 cloves
chopped ginger 2"
red chillies chopped 5-7
salt to taste
turmeric half tea spoon
200 gms of oil (that is extra vaganza u can cut on that)
black pepper 10-12 corns
cloves 5-6
badi ilaichi (black cardamom)
cardamom 3-4
jeera 1 tea spoon (cumin)
{jaiphal (nutmeg), javitri (mace), cinnaman} they are to be powdered and used only a pinch of them
one table spoon of garlic paste


brown the onion in oil put mutton in it and fry it well, then add up all the ingredients, and put only that much of water as it could just be in the level of all the material, put the pressure cooker for 6-8 whistles this will make it tender and cooked completely, now take it out on a kadhai and keep cooking till the water is soaked and the mutton starts to put out oil.