The First Night


Rampuriya !!
from the first night we met
i couldn't keep my eyes off of you
something hit me and i just knew
you were the one for me
as time passes through
i'm slowly falling in love with you
the more we're together
the closer we become
the more fun and laughter we have
the more i fall for you my love
as i sit here and think of you i remember
all those times we had
when we'd kiss and when we'd cuddle
i knew everything was in place with us
one time i stayed all night and thought
that it was right
but then i chickened out
and that's when it all started to fade out
i had told you how i was feeling
you didn't seem to care and you didn't change
and that's when you broke my heart severly
now we're not the same
and i miss you so much
you never come around
and you never call
i wondered what happened between us
i'm trying to make something work that's
you're leaving in less than 6 months
i will cry for days 'cause i already like you that much
i may be young
and not know the real meaning of love
but i know for certain
i have never felt this way in my entire life
and that's how i know you are my first love
you say it won't work
and i know it can't be
that's why i'm so confused
because if it's true
love will find us
but to this day
i'm not willing to let another girl take
your heart away
i love you so much