The celebrity romances battling prenups


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She's publicly professed herself to be completely loved up with fiancé and Muse frontman, Matt Bellamy, but sources are claiming that in private, Kate Hudson and her man are battling over the prenup the actress's lawyers have put together.

Said to be concerned about protecting her assets - especially as the romance was such a whirlwind one with Kate announcing her pregnancy just seven months after they started dating - Kate and her rocker man are said to have fought over money.

"Kate and Matt are clashing over money issues… and it may destroy any chance they have of getting married," an insider told Star. "Their relationship was in a much healthier place before he put a ring on her finger."

With Kate worth more than the British singer, pals have revealed that it's the ‘cheat clause' in the prenup that 32-year-old Matt has taken issue with, along with the ‘payment plan' he'll receive if they split.

"He would be on a payment plan of sorts, where he is allotted a certain amount of money annually… and if he cheats, he will lose everything, but if she cheats, no harm, no foul," added the insider. "The fighting over the prenup has soured the experience… they may not get married at all!"

Jess warned over ‘fame-hungry' fiance

Having recently seen her many endorsement deals turn her into a Dh3.6 billion ‘industry', Jessica Simpson is keen to protect her money, in the event of a split from former NFL star Eric Johnson, who she's set to wed later this year.

And after the aunt of Eric's ex-wife Keri spoke out, insisting Eric is with Jessica for her fame, the singer-turned-lifestyle mogul is said to have demanded an iron-clad contract.

"I think Eric is marrying Jessica for all the wrong reasons," insisted Keri's aunt, Laura Dangelo. "All he is after is fame, and I think he's probably just using her." Adding, "[Keri's and his] divorce really had to have been because of Eric - he always wanted more fame."

And ahead of their November 11 nuptials, pals of the 30-year-old blonde say she has insisted on certain clauses in her prenup, to ensure his eye doesn't wander.

"Jessica's biggest fear is that Eric will stray, so she insisted on that specific clause in her prenup," spilled a friend. "She's being fair with Eric in case things don't work out, but he won't get anything if he cheats."