The best new wireless devices


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Linksys wifi router

The Linksys E4200 is Cisco's top of the line Dual-Band Wireless-N router, and a great pick for going wireless in the home. Easy to configure and use, the E4200 offers WPA and WPA2 security options as well as SPI Firewall to protect your network from unwanted guests. Connect an external USB drive to the E4200's USB 2.0 port and you can use the router to offer a network drive for up to 10 users on your network.

TDK wireless headphones

Not only do these wireless marvels sound great, you'll never want to go back to conventional headphones once you start to enjoy free range listening. Simply plug the transmitter into your audio device and sync it with the headphones. Built using Kleer's proprietary lossless, wireless audio technology, the TDK wireless headphones deliver excellent sound clarity and CD quality stereo sound without constraint.

Imation Link

Project audio as well as high-definition video content, internet TV, movies, photos, computer games and even business presentations to your television or projector without the hassle of tangled cords or costly cables with this wireless transmitter from Imation. The device is compatible with Mac or PC and the device supports high-definition video (up to 720p), high-resolution photos (up to 1,080p) and stereo audio, using ultra-wideband wireless USB 2.0.

Jabra stone

Talk hands-free in style with this Bluetooth-equipped ear piece from Jabra. The Stone's consolidated design pairs the comfortable earpiece with a nested charging base that's both elegant and compact. Backing up its pleasing design, the Stone features multi-point connectivity, A2DP streaming, as well as Jabra's Noise Blackout noise-cancelling technology. Hang one on your ear and you might just be a safer driver for it.