Tha Des-C Flava

Des-C Flava

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I'm Vix, AKA Des-C Flava, From Central London.

Im A DJ and Uni Student.

Sites Looking cooool

So whats ur peoples names? Tell me abt yaself.

Nuff Love :pbbol


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welkam vix :re

my name is Wickeeedddd :cool:


in uni. :re god knws wat im doing in 1 but yh :an

so ur like wat da 2nd or 3rd brit here :sleepy


-- Kem da Gui --
jee ayan nu veere..

u frm central london.. ur ip says u frm united states..

neways wlecome to da site veer.. jee ayan nu

keep postin have fun shun :talli

pink puma

welcome vix as you call urself :wa welcome to UNP! you'll love it here, its very different from most of the other forums and the people here are amazing.

I'm nav, 21 from canada, also a uni student :so :D (not fun)

so ur from central london eh, i'll be studying there nex yr, lookin forward to it. whats the student life like over there

have fun posting!


Dhillon Sa'aB™
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you should not take the IP thing seriously,IP Pools are allocated to ISPs and are not region specific,
Global ISPs like AOL can have similar IPs in multiple countries.