Ten Ways to Dump Your Old iPad


Steve Jobs recently returned to the stage to introduce Apple's second generation tablet. And with many of the company's products, the new iPad 2 is putting the tech buying public in a frenzy.
People who once adored their original iPads are seeing the devices different after the latest unveiling. Apple's iPad 2 has a thinner design, comes in white as well as black, features two cameras, and has improved internals, like a faster processor.
For some, taking a long look at that original iPad creates feelings of resentment and angry questions. “Why couldn't you have two cameras?" “Why don't you come in white?" “Why are you so fat?!"
But there is no need to give your iPad 1 an inferiority complex. The simple fact is the original iPad is an excellent device that paved the way for all the Xooms, Playbooks, and Touchpads of the world. The iPad is a PCMag Editor's Choice winner for good reason. It still is one of the best choices if you're in the market for a tablet. For the most part, the difference between the two generations of iPads is not so great.
However, if those reasons don't dissuade you, there are ways to gracefully retire your original iPad, so you can make room for the new love of your life, the iPad 2. Find out how you can lose the old and busted iPad for the new hot iPad 2 in the slideshow.