Hack Apple’s Smart Cover to work with iPad


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When Apple unveiled the iPad 2 it not only wanted to get new customers buying the updated tablet, the company wanted to entice existing iPad owners to make the upgrade. Consumers were enticed by the thinner design of the device, the updated internals bringing a significant performance advantage, and of course an innovative new cover that was only compatible with the iPad 2.
That Smart Cover is clever because it has multiple functions. As well as protecting the screen on your iPad 2 it also acts as two stands and takes care of turning the tablet on and off. It’s just a shame Apple limited such functionality to its second generation tablet.
But iPad owners can use the Smart Cover with their tablet if they don’t mind a bit of hacking using magnets and glue.
Over at The Russians Used a Pencil they realized that the flat edge of the iPad could allow for the Smart Cover to attach. All they had to do was glue some rare earth magnets to the case in the correct position. Then the Smart Cover just snaps on and works as it does with the iPad 2. The only area where it falls down slightly is the upright stand position you’d use for watching movies. In that configuration the iPad doesn’t look completely safe and could fall forwards and damage the screen. It also won’t power down your iPad when covering the screen.

While the thought of gluing magnets to your iPad may sound like a terrible idea, if the Smart Cover is one of the main reasons you are considering an upgrade to iPad 2 then this could save you $500 while you wait for iPad 3 to arrive next year.