Shun politics, let's work together: Kejriwal on chikungunya menace

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Delhi chief minister Arvind Kejriwal is back in the capital after his tongue surgery. Despite his doctor's advice to not speak for a few days, Kejriwal has addressed the chikungunya menace in a video message released by the party shortly after his arrival on Sunday.
In the video, a visibly fatigued and feeble Kejriwal appeals to all the opposition parties to come together and fight against the health hazard of chikungunya that has claimed about 30 lives in Delhi. Though the vector-borne disease in itself is non-fatal, the various manifestations of chikungunya can prove fatal.

Kejriwal, who began by paying his tribute to the martyrs of Uri attack, went on to address the chikungunya menace in the national capital, for which he and his party have drawn a lot of flak lately. "Mosquitoes do not differentiate among people while biting. Be it a Congress member, or a BJP member, a mosquito can bite any of us," Kejriwal said. Therefore, it is crucial for all the parties to come together and take steps to curb the menace.
"Just like the entire nation roots for our team together in an India-Pakistan match, our leaders should come together in times like these," Kejriwal said. Citing how Delhi came together to implement the odd-even scheme, he also asked people in the capital to jointly declare a war on mosquitoes.
While the city was grappling with rising cases of chikungunya, Kejriwal was in Bengaluru for his surgery and Delhi's deputy chief minister Manish Sisodia was in Finland. The party faced vitriolic attacks from all corners for the absence of its leaders during the crisis.

The chikungunya outbreak in the national capital is the worst in the last six years. According to municipal data, over 1,000 people have been affected by this vector-borne disease till September 10. The last time the number of affected people reached three-figure mark was in 2011.