Sex education in China means peeping into loos


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BEIJING: Allowing boys and girls to peep :nerd into each other's bathroom to understand gender roles seems to be the new Chinese way to teach sex education in school.

Third graders at the Chaoyang district school in Beijing received their first lesson in sex education in the form of a toilet tour. Giving children an opportunity to peek into the other gender's bathroom is a way to help boys and girls understand gender roles, educators said. "Children tend to be curious about the bathrooms of the opposite sex," sex lecturer Hou Wenjun at Anhuili Central primary school told Beijing News. Hou believes that education starts with curiosity. "A tour to the bathroom lets children see what behavioural differences there are between the two sexes."

A part of the school's curriculum for grades 1 to 6, sex education begins with the subject of fertilization, state run Global Times said. Students first viewed a presentation illustrating how sperm fertilize eggs. When asked how gender is determined, the students came with guesses such as "it depends on what mom wants" and "bigger eggs grow into boys while smaller ones make girls."