Samsung MSTV 3-D TV Concept by Joseph Dumary

Samsung MSTV is a conceptual 3D TV designed by Joseph Dumary, to fit screens as small as 22 inches and as large as 64 inches.

The Samsung MSTV isn’t actually a TV at all. The MSTV (multi-screen TV) is actually a stand that can hold different screens and powered by Android and can communicate and be controlled by other Android-powered devices like oh, let’s say, the Samsung Galaxy.

The screens themselves display the picture and can be switched out seamlessly should you ever need to downsize or want to up-size and also designed to be razor-thin and have no edges.

The Samsung MSTV is also designed to be eco-friendly, with its AMOLED+panel using natural light to provide the TV’s back light during the day.

Unfortunately, the Samsung MSTV is still just a concept.

Samsung MSTV 3-D Features

  • Samsung MSTV is the first TV in the world consists in 2 parts
  • The base serves as box.
  • Just buy the screens that correspond to your requirements.
  • There are dedicated screens such as screens specifically for video games (with deep blacks for better restitution of the image and 3D).
  • Displays dedicated to the use of film and conventional screens.
  • Once you have connected the screen, the box will automatically detect it.
  • Compatible 4K2K (for screens over 40 inches) with 3D without glasses.
  • The TV is entirely on Google’s Android system.
  • You can find all your applications on your TV with the “SynchrTV” and you can use your smartphone as a controller to play your video games.
  • If you do not have a smartphone or remote to control your TV, the touch screen will allow you a simple gesture to access functions or you can do so through the voice function.
  • The TV is compatible “DPConnect” and hooks up your devices (video games, Blu-ray players, and others) to the TV wirelessly in less than a second.
  • It features SmartTV applications, screens with cameras, the “Uprogram” which allows you to share your programs on your devices like your smartphone or tablet android etc.
  • “No Edges”, so you can see the entire image on your screen.
  • ActiveDeep3D+ allows you to see 3D images of high quality in a transparent screen without lag, enjoy 3D with Glasses or without glasses.