CES 2013:Samsung gets innovative with 1st Curved OLED TV


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CES 2013: Samsung gets innovative with world’s first Curved OLED TV

Samsung has revealed one of its most innovative products at CES 2013 – the world’s first Curved OLED TV.

The curved OLED panel is supposed to provide depth to the content displayed for a more life-like viewing experience. The TV will provide for an ‘immersive’ panoramic effect, currently not possible with conventional flat-panel TVs. Samsung has tried to make the TV viewing experience more life-like with this curved wonder.

The Curved OLED TV by Samsung

Samsung claims that viewing visual contents on the Curved OLED TV will be a comfortable experience for the human eye. Thanks to the designing of the curve, the TV set will allow the distance between the user and TV screen to be the same from almost any angle. Samsung says it has also optimised the picture quality to deliver a comfortable viewing experience.

"Samsung is dedicated to developing innovation television solutions, beyond what consumers could ever expect, or could even imagine. We will continue our tradition of developing Samsung TV innovations by steadily introducing new TV technology that helps enhance the lives of users, even beyond the World's First Curved OLED TV," said HS Kim, Executive Vice President – Visual Display Business, Samsung Electronics.

Talking about innovation, Samsung has also shown off its 22-inch transparent showcase at CES 2013. First showcased at IFA 2012, the transparent showcase seems to be a major draw at the Samsung booth at the CES. The case has a see through panel that can show videos as well as contain a physical product inside it. The super case is fitted with built-in speakers, a built in PC, LED strip and will also allow touch screen capacity.

The showcase will not be available to consumers, but retailers can hold their breath and wait for this showcase to take the marketing world by storm.

Meanwhile, all eyes are on Samsung Display, a spinoff of Samsung Electronics, to show off a 5.5 inch bendable screen during the event that could hint at radical design changes in future smartphones and TVs. One of the screens set to be showcased by the company is a 5.5-inch flexible screen intended for use on smartphones. It will have a resolution of 1280 x 720, giving it a pixel density of 267 ppi.