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The Punjab cabinet on Saturday ( 19 March 2017 ) decided to provide 33% reservation for women in all government jobs, including contractual appointments of the state government as chief minister.

Ending VIP culture
Ban on use of beacons on government vehicles, foreign travel of ministers for two years (except where it is so mandated or provided under a bilateral agreement or arrangement) and hosting banquets at state expense in a bid to end VIP culture in the state.

To eradicate the drug menace, the cabinet decided to set up a special task force (STF) in the CMโ€™s office to prepare and implement a comprehensive programme to counter the problem.

Transport sector revamp
Open up the transport sector and ensure free-and-fair grant of licenses for buses, mini-buses and other commercial vehicles in a transparent way.

Abolish the posts of district transport officers and halqa in-charges

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The cabinet also decided to set up a group of experts to assess the quantum of farm loans and propose ways and means to waive it in a time-bound manner.

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reforms long overdue are happening. The credit goes to AAP. They have made the change. What if they fail to form govt. every decision coming over next few month will carry their stamp. Cheers to all volunteers who made this possible.


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Punjab | New Govt. to Cancel Permit of 9251 Private Buses in Punjab

9251 buses which are set to be taken off are owned by around 100 companies. The permit for these buses was given during the SAD-BJP rule from 2007-2017. Orbit Aviation and Dabwali Transport, companies of former chief minister Sukhbir Badal are also set to be taken off under the new transport policy by the Congress Government. The policy is expected to be announced in the coming week.


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Those who joined Govt. jobs after 2004& even if they put in 30-40yrs service, they would not get any pension:Contrast THIS WITH POLITICIANS;BECOME MLA/MP FOR ONE DAY,GET FREEBEES FOR WHOLE LIFE!
Jai Bharat.Mera Desh Mahaan.
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my aunt is a teacher (in an aided).. badal ne pension lai si.. capt ne band karti

eh last time ni hoya si :-? ke is bar fer captain ne keeta ?

My aunty is also retired from aided school, I think she is still drawing pension.


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exact time nahi pata... hale retire hona.
aided di fees sarkari to wi ghat hai.
par eh teacher wi sarkari vang mardam shumari te election duty te jande