No Power Cuts In Punjab, Thanks To Early Rains


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Patiala June 15:
Punjab State Electricity Board(PSEB) Chairman Y.S. Ratra, Sunday said that due to heavy rainfall all over Punjab caused by early onset of the monsoon, no power cuts have been imposed in the state for the last 25 days.
In a statement issued here, Ratra said that the PSEB was able to manage the demand even though the Nathpa Jhakhri plant had to be closed down due to heavy silt. The demand for power on June 15 was 1323 lakh units which has been met by 152 LUs from own hydro generation, 447 LUs units from own thermal generation, 136 LUs from BBMB, 2LUs from non-conventional energy sources and 586 LUs through purchases from Central sector stations/ traders and banking from other states.
Ratra disclosed that due to more power available than demand, the weekly off for industry which was relaxed for Sunday, had now been relaxed on Monday (June 16) also. What's more encouraging is that the water level in the reservoirs of hydro plants, which had been lower in the last week compared to the corresponding period last year due to lesser inflow, has also reached almost last year's level. Reservoir level at Bhakhra is 1565 ft against 1559 ft last year, at Dehar it is 2925 ft against 2928 ft, at Pong it is 1291ft against 1326 ft and at Ranjit Sagar Dam 511m against 515m.
The rising water levels may now offset the apprehension of lower hydro generation this year. Meanwhile, the steam blow-out for unit 4 of Guru Hargobind Thermal Power Plant has been started. It will now be ready for generation in the first week of July. Ratra said that the minor fault in the conveyor belt of unit 3 had been repaired and it was ready for generation.
However, due to low demand for power, the unit has backed down and shall be generating electricity as and when the demand rises. The PSEB was fully geared up to meet the power demand during the paddy season this year, Ratra added.