Most haunted places of the world


Although there is no solid evidence to advocate the supernatural, the fact remains​
that there have been repeated accounts of ghost sightings and paranormal phenomena a
t several locations across the globe. The legends vary as per culture and folklore but the reports remain roughly the same.​
There are things out there in the world that science is yet unable to explain and until it does,
if ever, the possibility of the existence of things beyond science, those that go bump in the dark​
cannot be completely ignored. Following is a list of ten of the creepiest haunted places of the world.

Monte Cristo Homestead
Located in Junee, New South Wales, Monte Cristo Homestead is said to be the MOST Haunted
house of Australia. Visitors and occupants have reported seeing ghosts of the deceased original​
owners, the Crawleys. The mansion now serves as an antique store and tourist attraction and has
been featured in numerous TV shows.
50 Berkeley Square
Built back in 1740, this four-storey townhouse is now known as the most haunted house in
London. There have been a number of deaths and reported supernatural occurrences on the top floor of the building.​
Changi Beach
During the Japanese occupation of Singapore in World War II, in an organized massacre called
the Sook Ching operation, Chinese locals were taken by the Japanese military to isolated​
locations within the island country and killed. Among those locations was Changi Beach Park
where, it is rumored, the cries of the massacred can still be heard. Ghostly visages have been​
reported roaming about the beach, leaving trails of blood.
Screaming Tunnel
This tunnel in Niagara Falls, Ontario,Canada gets its name from several variants of a legend according
to which a young girl was burned alive inside the tunnel. It is alleged that if a matchstick is lit​
within the tunnel, the ghost of the girl begins to scream, as if in throws of death.
Bachelor’s Grove Cemetery
This small and currently inactive cemetery in Chicago has been a hotspot for satanic rituals
for quite some time. These rituals have worked to escalate rumors of ghost sightings in​
the graveyard. The graveyard is well-known for a photograph taken in 1991 using an infrared camera
that shows a White Lady sitting on a checkered pedestal.​
Bhangarh Fort Ruins
The Banargh Fort sits on a hillside in the ruined town of Bhangarh located in Rajasthan, India.
Legend says that a tantric (black magician) called Singhia, in an attempt to entice the princess​
of Bhangarh became a victim of his own sorcery and in his dying breaths, cursed the palace.
In the year following this incident, the princess was killed in a battle between Bhangarh and Ajabgarh.​
Babenhausen Museum
Formerly a German barracks, this museum is believed to be haunted by the ghosts of German soldiers.
It is said a witch was burned at the stake in the town of Babenhausen and since then,​
her ghost has taken the lives of several German soldiers and that even now, if a soldier were to
visit the museum and pick up a telephone, he would hear the voice of a woman talking backwards.​
Union Cemetery
The Union Cemetery of Easton, Connecticut is believed one of the most haunted cemeteries in the
United States. Reported hauntings include the famous White Lady and a pair of ominous red eyes​
peering from out of a bush. A variety of legends surround both phenomena.
The Screaming Bridge of Maud Hughes Road
Maud Hughes Road Bridge of Liberty Township, Ohio is believed to be haunted by the ghosts of the
several people who lost their lives or committed suicide on the bridge. According to one legend,​
a lady threw her baby off the bridge onto the train tracks below and then hung herself. Sightings of a
black hooded figure and a phantom train have also been reported.​
The George Stickney House
Currently serving as the Police Department of the village of Bull Valley in McHenry County, Illinois,
the Stickney Mansion is said to be plagued by paranormal entities. It is said that the Stickneys used to perform​
séances in the house to contact their dead children.​